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About Dr. Garrett Schultz

I am Dr. Garrett Schultz, owner and founder of ReVitalize Chiropractic. I am a Chiropractor in the Fargo-Moorhead region, where I was born and raised. I take pride in the quality of care I provide to this wonderful community, and am always excited to see my patients get excellent results!

My chiropractic journey began at a young age. I had suffered multiple injuries from snowmobile accidents as a child, and even into my teenage years the resulting pain remained. I was introduced to chiropractic at the age of 17 and the results were so astonishing that I dedicated my life's work to getting an education and obtaining the necessary skills to allow people to experience a pain-free life in order to keep doing the things they love!

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Garrett dr schultz revitalize chiropractic fargo.jpg

About ReVitalize Chiropractic

ReVitalize Chiropractic, LLC was founded with a singular purpose in mind: to break down barriers that inhibit people from experiencing the benefits of chiropractic care. Whether those barriers are financial, scheduling, or location, ReVitalize exists to overcome and serve you better!

Financial: We offer a flat, competitive rate that is affordable by most. For insurance, we provide you with the necessary documentation for reimbursement, whether a ND or MN resident. Short on cash and no coverage? Ask about the CareCredit program.

Scheduling: We do our best to make our schedule work for you! Whether you are an early bird, or get off work late, ReVitalize will have a solution to get you the care you need!

Location: ReVitalize Chiropractic is located right off I94 and 45th St. Easy to find and accessible from all directions! 

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